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Charles Noble

About Charles Noble

Charles Noble is a qualified and highly-experienced Brisbane-based lawyer with a focus on family law. Charles appreciates that in many family law and other matters, the emotional and personal aspects of our lives are something many of us wish to keep private.  He understands this and prides himself as of the most discrete, and thorough Family Lawyers Brisbane has to offer.

Charles was born in Melbourne but raised in Brisbane. Whilst he has travelled and spent time living overseas he has always called Brisbane home and is now raising his family here with his wife, Kristin.

Charles’ passion is Family Law and after graduating from QUT Law school has focussed his legal skills on Family Law in Brisbane.

Charles prefers a focus on alternative dispute resolution in order to do what can be done to keep our clients out of Court and keep their costs down. While Charles is equipped to take your matter to litigation if need be, his focus is on Mediation, Collaborative Law and using negotiating skills to achieve the best outcomes for our clients at James Noble Law Brisbane.

Charles has found that working with James Noble, who is one of the most experienced and professional Family Lawyers in Australia, allows him access to the very best advice for you in your Family Law matter.

Professional Focus

Charles is an expert at negiation and mediation and has a thorough understanding of the family law process.

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