28 May

Top Tips To Protect Yourself After Separation

Separating after a long-term romantic relationship can be tough to deal with on an emotional level, but dealing with the pain is only a part of what has to be done. Now is the time to also tidy up some loose ends and protect yourself now that the relationship or…

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18 May

How To Prepare For A Conciliation Conference?

What must I do before the Conciliation Conference? So that you and your former partner make the best possible use of the conference, you must exchange information with each other and provide information to the Court before the conference. In a case about financial issues, each party must have exchanged…

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04 Apr

How Our Children Are Exposed to Terrifying Content Online

Children are being exposed to disturbing content on the home computer, despite the best intentions and efforts of parents who have installed filters and monitoring systems to protect their children from inappropriate content. Children whose parents believe they are watching harmless and age-appropriate videos (such as Pepper Pig and Frozen),…

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02 Apr

Caught With Drugs? Try Drug Court

Recovery, Respect, and Hope Offered by Traditional Court Alternative A successful initiative in the Victorian Magistrates Court is assisting drug-addicted parents to get their lives back on track and resume their role in their children’s lives. The Dandenong Drug Court, recently featured in television and print media, was introduced in…

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14 Mar

Married At First Sight: “Science” v Statistics in MAFS

What the statistics tell us about the likely success of the “marriages” in the hugely popular Married at First Sight television program. Married at First Sight purports to marry individuals “scientifically” matched by relationship experts, who meet for the first time at the altar. Most of us know that the…

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12 Mar

Fathers Awarded Primary Care in Tough Stance Against Mothers

Recent parenting decisions are a stark reminder to parents to put the children first in parental disputes, with the Courts stressing a child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. The Family Court is taking a tough stance on mothers who deny or interfere with their children’s relationship…

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22 Feb

How To Prepare For A Family Report

TAKING IT TO COURT? CONGRATULATIONS! YOU AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY FOR A FAMILY REPORT. It is inevitable that parents who institute proceedings in the family court involving their children, will, if the parenting issues relating to the children are not resolved, be required to attend a conference and consult with initially a…

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19 Feb

Payment and Recovery of a Child Support Debt

Payment and Recovery of a Child Support Debt If an application has been lodged with the Child Support Agency, and for whatever reason, there is a debt outstanding on the assessment of child support by the agency, how is that debt recovered? An assessment for child support by the Child…

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16 Feb

Top 10 Matters to think about when separating

Top 10 Matters to think about when separating Seek advice from your accountant or financial adviser on the financial consequences arising from a separation. Work out a budget of your essential living expenses, not only for yourself but your children. List all your expenses. Download a financial statement from the…

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15 Feb

Understanding The Family Law Amendment Bill

Lengthy Battles It has long been recognised that the present litigious proceedings in the Family Court have not been the most appropriate means of dealing with children’s issues. The Federal Government established a review committee to advise on a system that would best deal with parenting issues. As a result…

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