12 Feb

Understanding The Parenting Bill

AN EXPOSE OF THE PROPOSED NEW PARENTING LEGISLATION: THE FAMILY LAW AMENDMENT (PARENTING MANAGEMENT HEARINGS) BILL 2017 Because of the importance of this legislation, it has been displayed in full detail on our website. What is The Parenting Bill? A proposed new forum for resolving family law disputes relating to…

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07 Feb

What about the Children?

What about the Children?  Considering the Psychological Impact of Family Breakdown on Children. The way parents handle a separation can have a huge impact on how well their children cope with it. Research has shown that children from families where parents are involved a high conflict separation are at greater…

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02 Feb

Collaborative Mediation

Joint Mediation with a collaborative trained solicitor and psychologist. I am an Accredited Family Law Specialist.  Over the many years that I have been in practice I have been involved in all facets of Family Law and in all areas of Family Law mediation varying from the basic Legal Aid…

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14 Dec

Shared Parent? How to survive this holiday season.

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of togetherness and joy. In particular, children are able to experience the wonderment of the Christmas celebrations in a way that is very unique. However, since family members may not always get along, holiday family gatherings can bring out conflict, stress…

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17 Nov


The YES Vote Wins! So where to from here, and what does it mean for same sex rights? It was an awesome sight to see how Australia stood still to hear the news that, we the people, voted in the majority to legally allow same sex couples to marry.  The…

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28 Oct

Wow I won Gold Lotto! What will I do with my $1M bucks?

Hang on.  If you are in a relationship, does your partner have an interest? Unfortunately, the winning may not all be yours.  How would the Family Court view it?   A windfall can either be a sizable inheritance or a lotto win. In the eyes of the Family Court an…

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26 Oct

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Does True Mediation Still Exist? Shuttle Mediation has taken the place of true mediation. How to avoid litigation in the Courts.  How can this be achieved? Prior to Mediation Matters may be achieved by way of negotiations between the parties themselves or by without prejudice negotiations with solicitors. With Solicitors,…

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25 Oct

Parenting of Your Children

Where the children should live and how much time they should spend with the other parent or other significant adults in their lives are now subject to the Family Law Act.  This came into effect in 2006. The principals in the legislation are summarised as follows: “The law will take…

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21 Oct

Avoid litigation and learn the skills of mediation

How to avoid the Court and the conflict that this entails? Overcome the conflict. Use your best endeavours to overcome the conflict. For the sake of your family, especially your children, learn to negotiate if possible, learn to overcome your animosity and to talk to your former partner in a…

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19 Oct

What do the Federal Government amendments to the Family Law Act mean for Superannuation?

Superannuation in Family Law What does this mean for you? The Family Law Act was amended in 2002 to deal with superannuation. It gave power to the Court to deal with superannuation entitlements.  The amendments allowed the Court to transfer entitlements in the fund of one of the parties to…

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