Getting Divorced and Need Advice? Don’t Always Trust Who You Know

Getting Divorced
26 Sep

Getting Divorced and Need Advice? Don’t Always Trust Who You Know

Are you Getting Divorced?

While we all want and need emotional support from those we are closest to when going through a marriage crisis and potential divorce, it’s not always wise to seek critical advice about what to do or how to handle the situation of getting divorced from the people we know.

This is a very crucial time of life when emotions are running hot. If you tell your loved ones that your partner has up and left you, likely they are going to get angry about it as well and start offering advice that is more akin to revenge tactics than anything fair or helpful.

An example might be a family member advising you to empty the joint bank account or rack up a heap of credit on the joint credit card to avoid a property settlement.

Need Advice?

Advice like this can prove to be very detrimental during the separation and divorce process and will very likely lead to a bitter and uncompromising divorce settlement process.

By all means, have your family and friends around for emotional support, but really take the time to consider any advice or course of action they may give you.

Seek professional help when getting divorced

The very best approach in situations like this is to seek professional legal advice very early on from your local family law experts. Whilst sympathetic to your plight, your lawyer will be more impartial and is not personally or emotionally attached to your case.

For this reason, the advice you receive will be the right advice and in your and your partner’s best interests.

At the end of the day you want the split to be as painless, amicable, and stress-free as possible, and an experienced solicitor will help achieve this end.

Need Legal Help?

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