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19 Jun

Working Remotely for the best Law Firm Australia | James Noble Law

Working Remotely with The Best Law Firm Australia,  ain’t no joke!

Lawyers Working remotelyTo successfully start working remotely for the best law firm in Australia, it is imperative that you have excellent Workplace Communication in place. Communication is especially important in the workplace; this is what drives increased productivity, improves morale and efficiency. It helps foster an excellent working relationship between you, your boss, and your colleagues.

Therefore, at James Noble Law we start the day with a Microsoft Teams meeting and finish the day with one. This allows us to collaborate with one another, enables us to follow up from the previous day, to discuss what we want to achieve for the day and any issues or concerns we need to address.                                                          

Using Teams empowers us to communicate with each other in a quick manner via video, messaging, or calling. A great way to assign tasks throughout the day as well as breaking that social isolation barrier.

Having Zoom meetings is another effective way we communicate, especially with our clients.  Zoom enables our client’s to still receive face to face meetings without leaving their home or office. This is also generating time efficiency for everyone.

It can be useful to ensure you have a functional device to use when working with an online law firm

Our software entitles the firm to tackle various tasks to benefit everyone. All the information regarding a matter is located in one place. Our Lawyers and colleagues can easily access, search and retrieve the information they require with ease and speed.  Outside people such as other best law firms in Australia or third parties can access our secure online portal for easy document exchange. A strong practice management system is critical to streamlined workflows remotely.

Another way we communicate is with Microsoft Planner, each morning checking tasks that have been allocated to you. Microsoft Planner allows you to assign tasks to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Also, a great checklist tool for scheduling and time management.

Lastly, a positive thing with working remotely is simply a roll out of bed and arriving at your home office in moments, less time grooming, no traffic congestion and a click away from your morning meeting. It is a productive way to stay focused without interruptions and it is both time and cost-effective.

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