Sentencing Approaches Undertaken by the Court

02 Jan

Sentencing Approaches Undertaken by the Court

In the last five years, the High Court of Australia has heavily criticised sentencing principles which implement an oversimplified approach and place significant weight to broad sentencing ranges and individual factors. As a result of this increased criticism, the court’s approach has slowly shifted to sentencing approaches which implement an…

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04 Dec

No Ill Will: What is Testamentary Capacity?

For a will to be valid and binding in Australia, the testator (the person making the Will) must have testamentary capacity at the time the Will was created. Testamentary capacity occurs when the testator is of sound mind and must understand:  The nature and effect of the Will; What encompasses…

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29 Nov

What is “Good Divorce Week”?

The promotion of “Good Divorce Week” is intended to bring attention to the importance of minimising conflict between couples following the unfortunate break down of the relationship. Common in these situations, both parties will be subject to a wide range of difficult emotions; inevitably though, both parties will suffer.  …

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23 Nov

How To Be an Executor and What Duties Does The Administrator of an Estate Have?

When a person creates a Last Will and Testament, they are required to appoint an executor which acts to administer the person's estate upon their death. Although many ask: How To Be an Executor? The executor is responsible for ensuring that all outstanding debts and taxes are paid to creditors/debts,…

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04 Sep

How To Avoid Problems Drafting A Will

Your last Will and Testament is perhaps the most important document you will ever sign. As the nature of this document is so important, it is necessary to ensure drafting a will is done correctly so any assets collected over your lifetime are properly accounted for. Assets such as superannuation,…

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21 Aug

Tap or Sign? Electronic Signatures and Contracts

In today’s society, most documents used in day-to-day business can now be filled out and signed electronically. The Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001 (ETA) is the legislation which governs the permitted use of electronic signatures. Although the ETA does not include a comprehensive definition of what constitutes an ‘electronic signature’,…

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25 Jul

James Noble Law at Business South Bank interview with Charles Noble

 Charles Noble (Brisbane Family Lawyer) at James Noble Law in Brisbane interviewed at the Business Southbank Showcase 2018. One of the key differences between James Noble Law and many of our colleagues at other law firms is our attention toward technology. We offer our clients an easy way to…

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14 Mar

Married At First Sight: “Science” v Statistics in MAFS

What the statistics tell us about the likely success of the “marriages” in the hugely popular Married at First Sight television program. Married at First Sight purports to marry individuals “scientifically” matched by relationship experts, who meet for the first time at the altar. Most of us know that the…

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12 Mar

Fathers Awarded Primary Care in Tough Stance Against Mothers

Recent parenting decisions are a stark reminder to parents to put the children first in parental disputes, with the Courts stressing a child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. The Family Court is taking a tough stance on mothers who deny or interfere with their children’s relationship…

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19 Oct

What do the Federal Government amendments to the Family Law Act mean for Superannuation?

Superannuation in Family Law What does this mean for you? The Family Law Act was amended in 2002 to deal with superannuation. It gave power to the Court to deal with superannuation entitlements.  The amendments allowed the Court to transfer entitlements in the fund of one of the parties to…

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