Top Tips To Protect Yourself After Separation

Protect Yourself
28 May

Top Tips To Protect Yourself After Separation

Separating after a long-term romantic relationship can be tough to deal with on an emotional level, but dealing with the pain is only a part of what has to be done. Now is the time to also tidy up some loose ends and protect yourself now that the relationship or marriage is over. Here are some top tips to help you out.

Change Your Will

If you have a will (and you should), you will now need to make changes to it as soon as possible. If your ex-partner is a beneficiary in your will, they’ll remain so until you change your will. Also think about any insurance policies and superannuation as well, as these likely also list your ex as the main beneficiary.

Change Passwords and PINs

Change all the passwords to your online accounts, whether they be social media, internet banking, other websites you’re subscribed to, and it’s also a good idea to change the PIN on your bank cards and credit cards.

Revoke Power of Attorney

Have you delegated power of attorney to your ex in the event you pass away or no longer have the mental capacity to handle your affairs? Well, now is the time to revoke that power of attorney and delegate it to someone else you trust, or your solicitor.

Safeguard Your Personal and Financial Documents

No one likes to think ill of or distrust someone they used to love, but people can do all manner of weird stuff after a breakup, so why take chances?

You don’t want any of these important documents to mysteriously disappear after the separation, so it’s best to gather them all up and store them at work, or a friend or family member’s place.

Open New Bank Accounts

Now that the relationship is over you don’t want to continue sharing joint bank accounts and credit card accounts. It’s time to open new accounts in your name only and have your share of revenue transferred to those new accounts. You might also share other accounts, such as phone and electricity. Time to change those as well.

Try and Stay On Good Terms With Your Ex

It doesn’t matter whether you had children in your relationship or not, the more civil your relationship with your ex is, the better you’ll be able to resolve anything that needs resolving so you can sever ties and move on with your lives. Civil relationship status will lead to things moving along more quickly, and ultimately a fairer outcome for everybody concerned; children included. Bickering and bitterness will only prolong the completion of the separation process.

Seek Expert Legal Advice

The best thing you can do to protect yourself after a separation or divorce is to speak to a Brisbane family lawyer that specialises in family law. In Brisbane, the team you can count on is James Noble Law. Talk to us first. We have the experience to guide you in the right direction so you know your rights.

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