Getting Divorced and Need Advice? Don’t Always Trust Who You Know

26 Sep

Getting Divorced and Need Advice? Don’t Always Trust Who You Know

While we all want and need emotional support from those we are closest to when going through a marriage crisis and potential divorce, it’s not always wise to seek critical advice about what to do or how to handle the situation of getting divorced from the people we know. This…

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24 Sep

How Is Mediation Really Going To Help Me?

Mediation is becoming an increasingly more recognisable term when it comes to matters of family law. But what exactly does mediation entail and do you even require it? How is mediation really going to help? Let's discuss this in more detail. What Is Mediation All About? Mediation is all about problem-solving…

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06 Jun

Top Tips for Coping During Separation and Divorce

There are not many moments we’ll encounter in life than can be more stressful and depressing than going through the break down of a romantic relationship. Throw the process of a divorce into the mix and things can become even more confusing and exasperating. Here are a few top tips…

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12 Feb

Understanding The Parenting Bill

AN EXPOSE OF THE PROPOSED NEW PARENTING LEGISLATION: THE FAMILY LAW AMENDMENT (PARENTING MANAGEMENT HEARINGS) BILL 2017 Because of the importance of this legislation, it has been displayed in full detail on our website. What is The Parenting Bill? A proposed new forum for resolving family law disputes relating to…

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28 Aug

AIFLAM Certification for arbitrators and mediators

Charles Noble and James Noble are proud members of the National body for family law arbitrators and mediators know as AIFLAM. The Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators promotes the attractions of mediation and arbitration as a means of dispute resolution amongst both practitioners and the wider community.…

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09 Jun

Understanding why getting a top family lawyer is worth its weight in gold

I wanted to write to you in summary of the past 6 months, in the hope that it entertains and inspires other clients of yours. Please feel free to post this on your blog or social media channels. I am a 41-year-old male and proud father of one amazing little…

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22 May

Disgruntled Wife / Husband: Why should I get less when I was the one who provided the money and assets in our the relationship?

Disgruntled Husband/Wife “Why should I support my wife/partner after we separate when I actually supported her and provided all our assets throughout our entire relationship.” Unfortunately, you may have a continuing financial obligation to your former partner. The Family Law legislation provides the basis for a Court determining the financial…

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07 Jan

Can’t agree on property or children’s issues at the end of your relationship and don’t want to wait years for the Courts to sort it out?

Private Arbitration is for you! Did you know that you can get an impartial, independent decision regarding the division of your relationship property (and even your child custody matters) from an experienced family lawyer who can make, essentially, the same decision as a Judge so you can move on quickly?…

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