What Are “Lifestyle Clauses” When It Comes To Marriage?

Lifestyle Clauses
21 Jun

What Are “Lifestyle Clauses” When It Comes To Marriage?

The term lifestyle clause has grown in popularity over recent years. It’s something that is trending with first-time newlyweds; as well as those who have walked down the aisle before.

So what is a “lifestyle clause”?

Lifestyle clause

It’s about locking in a variety of terms and conditions before the big day in an attempt to avoid misunderstandings and conflict of interest down the track. These clauses are often added as addendums in a prenuptial agreement and are in addition to things like the distribution of assets in the event of a marriage breakdown.

These “terms and conditions” are very popular with people who have been involved in long-term relationships in the past. In an effort to circumvent possible areas of conflict, there might be clauses drawn up in a contract that stipulate what school any eventual children will attend, whether everyone will belong to the same religion, how many trips the family will take each year.

Really, all manner of everyday things that, if both parties are in full agreement, will lead to a more harmonious lifestyle. That’s the idea, anyway.

A loving lifestyle clause

While in the beginning, the couple might be content to bask in the glory of love and romance, many fail to actually fully discuss what they expect of each other and their relationship and consequent lifestyle down the track.

These things should be discussed at length and thinking about possible lifestyle clauses to include in the agreement prior to the big day is a good way of getting both parties to think deeply about what they want from the relationship long term, their expectations, as well as any potential conflict points.

Like anything where you get down into the nitty-gritty like this, some expectations and demands can start to border on the ridiculous. Even making stipulations like how many times a week the couple will have sex, and sometimes, specifying the actual day and time of the day.

Other stipulations might be things like the maximum weight range a partner is allowed to reach before they have to take action with diet and exercise.

Is a lifestyle clause a Good idea?

Lifestyle clauseIn many ways, lifestyle clauses and general expectations of a lifestyle clause are a good idea, and issues like this should be discussed before marriage.

However, couples can go way overboard with their stipulations. And while a relationship is meant to be a long-term partnership, it’s also meant to be a romantic relationship as well.

Too many clauses could really douse the flames of romance very quickly, which could become a conflict point in itself; the very thing a lifestyle clause is meant to help avoid.

Keep in mind that lifestyle clauses are not legally binding, but more used to make awareness of what’s expected and acceptable within the relationship.

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